Tuesday, September 30, 2008

100th post..

Okay anybody that knows me knows that I am obsessive compulsive about most things. I have made it a goal to keep posting almost every day and to keep everyone up to date on the new boutique pieces as they come out. Several people have asked me about the spelling of my blog. If you missed the first post then I will fill you in. My MIL has always sewn. Most people now days don't know how, or aren't lucky enough to know someone who knows all about sewing. Her middle name is Marie, but my FIL and her own mother have always called her Rie...hence the name Riemake Boutique. We started making just clothes for Lilly, but have slowly started making custom pieces. We also try to take something old and make it into something new. Hope you enjoy reading and looking at our pieces as much as we love to make them. Please feel free to comment on what you see and to email or call and place an order.

Bunco party

Tammy Young roped me into filling in Monday night. I had a blast!! I think some of the teachers I teach with want to start a group also. Thanks for inviting me Tammy, and to all the girls..I had a great time!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Custom Overalls

You think of the theme, we create. These overalls start at 30.00.

Lilly's Autumn Street Fair outfit

Lilly will be in the pageant this Saturday, at the Autumn Street Fair. I love to go see all the booths, and do some shopping. Come by Eastside's booth and get a chocolate dipped bannana...YUM!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Whats to come..

Booutiful Onesie Tutu

Fresh off the sewing machine. This one is not spoken for yet. Size 0 -3 Months.

Witch one..do you like????

Anne Vance ordered these for the Crouch twins. They are such sweet girls with great parents. Enjoy!!!

Halloween Bows...

Bows range from 2-5 depending on the size and number of colors. If you order 2 you get one free.This is only on new orders.


You will find these at Valued Embellishment with Kandice at her store in the mall. If you need one to match an outfit, call me. It can be ready in one day!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kids today

I am still amazed at the students that have cell phones at such an early age. Some of our 4th graders have a better cell phone than me. Oh well if we have an emergency, we can all call for help.HAHAHA

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Up next..

Spiders everywhere..eek!!!!!!!!

I have found this cute spider pattern, and I can't help myself. I keep finding things to apply it to. Lilly and I decided that this little spider should go to Lauren Mansfield. If you would like to order one let me know. Halloween is right around the corner.

Laura Grace Goody

This little spider set went to Laura Grace. One sweet little girl. Happy (Early)Halloween