Sunday, February 14, 2010

Prep for the Little Miss Valentine and pageant coverage.

Step one Mrs. Amy washing her hair.
She rolled her hair by hand then under the dryer she went.

Look how pretty the curls fell, but Mrs. Amy has something else in mind....

She thinks Lilly needs a little volume, but not just....

a little. It needs a is one of my new favs.

Mrs. Amy Goff makes it pretty again...whewwww!

They even had escorts. This is Luke Duncan, son of John Duncan.

The back of her dress.

Called back for top 10  then..

the wait begins.

Lilly receives  first runner up!!!

Look at all the Goodies she won. ( Paula when we got home she said she wanted the rice crispy pop as her bed time
We had such a great time. I'm glad that she enjoys these pageants.


Natasha Vaughn, Designer said...

Congratulations Lilly and Mom. She was absolutely beautiful. Her red dress was perfect. What fun!

Saylorsmom said...

She looks adorable!!! Congrats!

Kandice said...

she looks gorgeous! i won little miss valentine in 1996 it was so much fun! i hope she had a good time :)

Paula Wanamaker said...

Miss Lilly did wonderful!!!
She is a very well spoken child:)
She was gorgeous Sat. night!!!
You and Steve are so blessed.
Meanwhile, tell him not to be making fun of me and my tulle! ahahaha
I hope she had a great time, and thanks for everything.

Tanya said...

Oh yay Lilly!!! She looked so pretty. Congratulations sweet girl!